Raised by a widow in Kelso, Washington during the Great Depression, Sid Snyder relied on hard work to overcome his humble beginnings, working in a tiny grocery store for $1 a week from age 11. He became an enterprising grocery store owner in his own right, a pioneering bank founder, successful real estate investor and one of the most respected lawmakers in Washington State history. He began his Capitol career in 1949 with a patronage job as an elevator operator, rose to become Chief Clerk of the House and then Secretary of the Senate and ultimately retired as Senate majority leader in 2002 after representing his rural southwest Washington district for over 10 years. His constituents included farmers, loggers, fishermen, oyster growers and small business. In his many roles in state government, Sid was known as the man who could get things done, who could bring opposing views together and come out with a solution that all could agree with. In 2002 he was honored as the national legislator of the year. Today, two roads are named after Sid Snyder, one in Olympia leading into the Capitol Campus and one leading to the Pacific ocean in his beloved hometown of Long Beach. Across the Aisles tells the biography of Sid Snyder and includes an oral history in his own words, with many stories of Washington politics from 1950 to the present. It is an entertaining and enlightening look at how state legislatures have worked over the years and how one man's goal to get the best deal for all made a difference in Washington State

Across the Aisles

Author: Jeff Burlingam


Master storyteller Jane Kirkpatrick extols the beautiful treasures, unknown to a wider public, rediscovered in the Old Aurora Colony of Oregon’s lush Willamette Valley. The people and legacy of Aurora, a utopian community founded in the mid-1800s, will stir your imagination, hopes, and dreams; and remind you that every life matters–every daily task, love, aspiration, and endeavor. Wrap yourself in a riveting American tale told in beautiful stitches and craft. Aurora is about the difference every ordinary life can make–and a beautiful celebration of a time and place in which people expressed their most cherished beliefs through the work of their imagination and hands.


Author: Jane Kirkpatrick



In the mid-19th century, Leonie Monroe Russell works alongside her husband, Junius, an oysterman in Shoalwater Bay in the Pacific Northwest. At night she continues her father’s lifelong obsession: collecting artifacts and studying the native culture that once thrived in the Washington Territory.  On her 37th birthday, Leonie discovers a mummy protruding from the riverbank bordering her property--a mummy that by all evidence shouldn’t exist. As Leonie searches for answers to the mummy’s origins, she begins to feel a mystical connection to it that defies all logic. Leonie’s sense that otherworldly forces are at work only grows when news of the incredible discovery brings Junius’s long lost son, Daniel, to her doorstep. Upon his unexpected arrival, a native elder insists that Leonie wear a special shell bracelet for protection. But protection from whom? The mummy? Or perhaps Daniel?  Leonie has always been a good daughter and good wife, but for the first time, these roles do not seem to be enough. Finding the mummy has changed everything, and now Leonie must decide if she has the courage to put aside the expectations of others to be the woman she was meant to be. From award-winning author Megan Chance, Bone River is a haunting, lyrical tale of passion and identity.

Bone River

Author: Megan Chance


Weird Washington by Jeff Davis and Al Eufrasio is a truly remarkable and valuable book for tourists, aficionados of the unusual and all those interested in the wonders of Washington State. It includes items on The Maury Island UFO Incident, DB Cooper, The Seattle Museum of The Mysteries, Mel's Hole, famous hauntings, Thornewood Castle, and even the grave-sites of Bruce and Brandon Lee. It is informative and factual, and has great pictures. It’s not flaky in any way. It would make a great gift to anyone who is new to Washington or appreciates the amazing things the state has to offer.

Weird Washington

Author: Jeff Davis


In June 1970, the biggest movie star in the world traveled to the Central Oregon Coast to film an epic novel about a defiant family of loggers written by a home grown counterculture hero. The star was Paul Newman. The author Ken Kesey. What ensued was a wild working vacation between Hollywood and Oregonians involving beer, sex, scotch, loggers, beaches, and perhaps, a spectacularly vandalized pool table. In SOMETIMES A GREAT MOVIE: PAUL NEWMAN, KEN KESEY AND THE FILMING OF THE GREAT OREGON NOVEL, author Matt Love documents the legend of that magical summer and presents over a hundred stunning photographs

Sometimes a great Movie

Author: Matt Love


The Thirteen Swedes weren’t exactly who they appeared to be. Their true identity was Finland-Swede, or Swedish-Finn. They were Swedish in language and culture, but politically and socially, former inhabitants and citizens of Finland. Of the thirteen men who formed the Smith Creek Logging Company in 1932, nine had emigrated from Finland – the other four were the sons of the emigrants. The men capitalized their partnership with everyone putting up a $150 stake to get the company started. In 1945, they went their individual ways, concluding thirteen successful years of logging in the Pacific Northwest.

Thirteen Swedes

Author: Doug Allen